Green Hour

To nurture and nourish a Green Generation

The planet earth is in a degradation mode. All over the world, people are concerned about this degradation in the form of water depletion, soil erosion, air pollution and urbanisation at the cost of deforestation.

In our times of climate emergency where climate change & global warming are posing a serious existential threat to humanity, decisive collective effort is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the most important aspect is behavioural change.

The humanity needs a great vision to forget all the conflicts and move towards a common goal of peace and prosperity for all the global citizens. We visualize the birth of world vision leading to "liveable planet earth". This vision will be greater than any other vision so far envisioned by the humanity.

Green Hour is a humble effort to achieve this vision, with all sincerity.

What does Green Hour intend to achieve?

The Green India Challenge ‘Hara Hai Toh Bhara Hai’ has received tremendous response wherein about 160mn+ trees got planted by millions across age groups, professions and geographies in India and abroad.

Green Hour intends to further deepen the engagement by engaging the Head, Heart & Hands of students in Schools, Colleges & Universities, Youth in their work places and communities for 1hr every week through discussions, debates, deliberations and regular collective action to arrest the degradation, repair the damage and rejuvenate the only planet that we have for our survival and make our planet earth liveable for the generations to come.

Summary of these activity will be posted by the clusters in the Green Hour section of website and the best innovative ideas and actions will be awarded.

The Year-long action Plan

At the school, College and University level:

  • Creating awareness about the GREEN HOUR concept and the desired outcomes.
  • Asking students to form clusters (20 members in each cluster) to discuss, debate, deliberate on innovative and workable solutions and take up collective action with people participation from the community.
  • The clusters will mail to Igniting Minds the summary and outcome of the weekly GREEN HOUR meetings and activity (along with photos & videos).

Green Hour Impact

Number of Clubs


Number of Moderators


Number of Curators

280 People

Number of Green Hours As on 05/07/2022

380 Hours

ℹ The above figures are generated from the participants/customers data who took part in this campaign. These data is not affiliated to any other source.

What is Green Hour Activity?


Schools, Colleges, Universities and Communities declare 1hr every week as Green Hour (Fixed time preferably on Friday)


Every Month will be assigned a focused theme (Plantation, Recycling, Water Conservation, Energy Saving, Conscious Consumption, Waste Management etc)


Discussion, Debate and Presentations for creating awareness, deeper understanding during 2 Green hours every month.


Collection action on ground by engaging the community during 2 Green hours every month.